Bola Tinubu Urges Reps to Allocate N500 Billion for Subsidy Palliatives

In an earnest plea, President Bola Tinubu has reached out to the House of Representatives, advocating for an amendment to the 2022 supplementary appropriation Act.

The purpose of this amendment, as stated by Tinubu, is to enable the Federal Government to secure N500 billion in order to provide palliatives and alleviate the impact of subsidy removal.

During the Wednesday plenary session, Speaker Tajudeen Abbas read out the president’s letter titled “Request for the amendment of the 2022 appropriation act.”

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In the correspondence, Tinubu expressed the urgency of the situation and the need for swift action to address the aftermath of the recent fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria.

The President proposed that the allocated funds be sourced from the 2022 supplementary Appropriation Act, which amounts to N819.5 billion. He outlined his request to the House of Representatives, seeking their approval for the amendment in compliance with legal and constitutional procedures.

The letter emphasized the allocation of N500 billion from the existing N819.536 billion in the 2022 appropriation act.

This substantial sum is intended to provide essential palliatives to Nigerian citizens, alleviating the impact of fuel subsidy removal.

President Bola Tinubu expressed his hope that the House would promptly deliberate on this request, acknowledging the pressing need for immediate action.

In response, the speaker assured that the lawmakers would carefully consider the President’s proposal during the Thursday plenary session, demonstrating their commitment to addressing the welfare of Nigerian citizens.

Overall, Bola Tinubu’s appeal for the allocation of N500 billion for subsidy palliatives underscores the importance of mitigating the consequences of fuel subsidy removal and providing necessary support to the Nigerian populace.

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