CSU: Tinubu Falsified Certificate Submitted to INEC- Atiku’s Lawyer

In a startling revelation that has cast a shadow over the credibility of the 2023 election, Kalu Kalu, the lawyer for Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, accused Bola Tinubu of presenting a falsified degree certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) before the elections.

During a press conference held by Atiku Abubakar on Thursday, October 5, Kalu disclosed the findings from academic records released by Chicago State University to their legal team. When asked about the course of action regarding the documents containing Tinubu’s academic records, Kalu confidently asserted that the evidence indicated Tinubu’s involvement in forging the certificate submitted to INEC. He stated, “From the documents at our disposal, we can ascertain that Bola Tinubu forged the certificate he presented to INEC.”

Further elaborating on the discrepancies, Kalu explained that the document Tinubu submitted to INEC was disowned by CSU; it was neither issued nor authorized by the university. Moreover, the CSU records revealed that Tinubu’s certificate from Southwest College, which supposedly qualified him to apply to CSU, bore a female identity, indicating it did not belong to him.

Speaking further, Kalu also highlighted a puzzling detail when he stated that “Tinubu’s application to CSU claimed he attended Government College Lagos and graduated in 1970, even though the school was established in 1974, rendering such a graduation date impossible”. Additionally, Kalu pointed out that Tinubu applied to CSU as an American citizen, whereas he denied holding any other citizenship on his INEC form, suggesting inconsistencies in his claims.

Mr. Kalu further revealed that there was a difference in the middle name: the “A” in Tinubu’s name in the Chicago documents stood for Ahmed, whereas the documents submitted to INEC showed Adekunle. This revelation added another layer to the growing concerns regarding Tinubu’s credibility.

The revelations based on Chicago State University documents have raised serious doubts about the integrity of the 2023 election and have called into question Bola Tinubu’s honesty and transparency as a presidential candidate. The alleged fabrication of an academic certificate, false claims about attending a non-existent secondary school, and discrepancies in official records have raised red flags, painting a troubling picture of deception intended to mislead both the electoral commission and the Nigerian public.

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