Delta State Governor Approves Recruitment of Teachers and Clerical Officers in 22 LGAs

Delta State Governor, Sheriff Oborevwori, has given his approval for the recruitment of primary school teachers, clerical officers, and watchmen in 22 local government council areas across the state.

The announcement came during a press briefing on Friday, following the State Joint Account Allocation Committee (JAAC) meeting in Asaba. Hon. Victor Ebonka, the Chairman of the state chapter of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON), revealed that the number of new employees would vary from one council area to another.

During the JAAC meeting, Governor Oborevwori granted authorization for 22 out of the 25 Local Government Councils to promptly hire primary school teachers within their respective jurisdictions. However, the employment numbers will not be uniform, as each council will consider individuals who have retired from their respective positions. Consequently, the number of new hires will differ based on the specific needs of each Local Government Council.

Hon. Ebonka also informed the press that the recruitment process would extend to watchmen, clerical officers, and other support staff for the Local Government Education Authority. This move is expected to address the issue of the shortage of teachers in primary schools throughout the state.

In another matter, regarding the N40 billion facility intended for the payment of pensions to primary school teachers and local government retirees, Hon. Ebonka assured that all necessary steps and processes had been completed, including the payment of the one percent management fee.

He expressed confidence that they would gain access to the funds within the next month, and the entire amount would be disbursed directly to the pensioners. To ensure transparency, forensic experts were engaged to audit the accounts, guaranteeing that the correct funds would be distributed to the pensioners.

Responding to speculations of a substantial windfall for the councils, Hon. Ebonka dismissed the rumors, clarifying that the allocation for the month of July was not unusual and was, in fact, higher than previous years. The exact amount to be distributed for July was not the reported N1.9 trillion, but specifics were not disclosed during the briefing.

With these measures in place, the Delta State government aims to bolster the education system and provide timely support to retirees, ensuring a more stable and efficient environment for its citizens

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