FG Unveils Novel Initiative: ‘Operation Feed Yourself’ – Aims to Foster Self-Sufficiency

The Federal government says Nigerians need to embrace the “Operation Feed Yourself” initiative. 

The UN Food Systems National Convener and Director at the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget, and National Planning remains optimistic that this initiative holds the key to eradicating hunger and enhancing food security across the nation.

According to a TVC News report, the meeting was organized by the United Nations and the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget, and National Planning for media representatives and other key stakeholders within the food value chain with the primary aim to deeply contemplate and assess Nigeria’s intricate food system.

Nigeria’s food system has become a subject of deep concern, stemming from a multitude of factors, including adverse weather conditions, security challenges, and shifts in societal values. These challenges have escalated to the extent that President Bola Tinubu found it imperative to declare a state of emergency on food to address the critical situation.

The organizers of this meeting firmly believe that Nigeria possesses promising prospects to achieve food security, provided that the right steps are diligently taken.

According to the Country Director of the World Food Programme, one of the most significant aspects of finding a solution, particularly in the Northeast region, lies in achieving lasting peace.

The escalating costs of food and various commodities have presented substantial challenges in navigating the transformation of food systems in Nigeria.

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