Suicide Attempt:Lagos Socialite Blames Failed Marriage

A well-known Lagos Socialite, Farida Abdulkabir, has blamed her failed marriage for and has extended a heartfelt apology to her children following her recent suicide attempt on the Third Mainland Bridge. The incident captured in a viral video showcased a distraught Farida being consoled by several men near her parked black SUV.

The emotional scene depicted her rescuers working to dissuade her from taking such a drastic step. Farida Abdulkabir, more popularly known as Farida Sobowale, was eventually taken away from the scene, in her car to an undisclosed location.

However, in an audio recording that has gone viral social media platforms, Farida attributed her desperate act to her failed marriage with another prominent Lagos socialite, Demola Okulaja.

Farida Sobowale expressed her perspective, “Friends and families warned me not to go into the marriage. They told me that the man only wanted my money but I was recalcitrant.”

Reflecting on her emotions at the time, she revealed, “It was love that pushed me into this. He told me that he was going to be with me, make me bore children for him. I am so sorry for putting my children in such a position. I would not have forgiven myself if I had abandoned them after committing suicide.”

Farida also extended her forgiveness to her former husband, Demola Okulaja, saying, “I have forgiven my ex-husband. May God provide him with another wife.”

It would be recalled that the marriage in question was celebrated with grandeur only about two months ago.

The estranged couple have been embroiled in public disputes on social media, with both of them revealing family secrets and the exchange of harsh, unprintable words.

This incident is yet another pointer to the complexities of personal relationships and mental health. And the apology to her children serves as a very important reminder of the far-reaching impact of one’s decisions on loved ones.

In a society where social media often portrays only the highlights of individuals’ lives, Farida’s suicide attempt underscores the importance of empathy and understanding, as well as the need for open conversations about mental health and the challenges faced by people behind the scenes

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  1. So fast, she has forgiven a man she almost lost her life for, there most be something fishy about Farida and the husband.looking forward to upd6 concerning these story

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