Nigeria’s Internal “Wars” Enough, Shun Fresh War – Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has spoken out against the notion of engaging in new wars, noting that Nigeria has her own ongoing internal wars.

Pastor Adeboye made this call during the RCCG Holy Ghost Service at the 71st Annual Convention of the Church themed ‘Beyond Expectations,’ held at the Redemption Camp along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Addressing the congregation, Pastor Adeboye declared, “Amidst our battles against hunger and other formidable challenges, the last thing Nigeria needs is another war. We are already grappling with significant adversities, and our primary goal should be conquering these existing struggles, not inviting new ones.”

Having personally experienced the Nigerian Civil War that raged between July 1967 and January 1970, Pastor Adeboye recounted how his proximity to the conflict zone shaped his perspective on the devastating consequences of war. He affirmed his unwavering preference for peace over any form of armed conflict, declaring, “Having witnessed the atrocities of war during the civil war period, I can confidently say that the path of peace is the one we must tread.”

Elaborating on Nigeria’s current state, Pastor Adeboye pointed out that the nation is already engaged in multiple battles against various adversaries. Kidnappings, acts of terrorism, and the menace of violent herdsmen are among the challenges plaguing the country. He lamented the fact that in certain regions, sleep is disrupted by the fear of violence, with some individuals unsure if they will see the next day.

“We find ourselves confronting numerous conflicts within our own borders. The menace of kidnappers and the menace of terrorists have infiltrated our lives. Regrettably, there are still areas in our beloved nation where retiring for the night brings uncertainty about one’s survival until the morning,” Pastor Adeboye stated solemnly.

Furthermore, he highlighted the distressing situation faced by farmers whose hard-earned harvests become fodder for marauding cattle. Such instances, where livelihoods are destroyed, have led to tragic outcomes. “The plight of farmers who see their crops devoured by herds, and if they dare protest, they face brutal consequences, is a stark reality,” he emphasized.

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