Nigeria Labour Congress Calls for Nationwide Strike to Protest Soaring Living Costs

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has issued a strong call to civil society organizations (CSOs) and its councils across the states, urging them to unite in a forthcoming nationwide strike to voice their concern over the escalating cost of living in the country.

According to a report by TheCable, the federal government had cautioned the labor union against initiating any strike, citing an existing order by the national industrial court. Despite this warning, the NLC remains resolute in its stance, emphasizing the urgent need for the federal government to reverse policies that have led to widespread suffering and deprivation across the nation.

At the conclusion of its national executive council (NEC) meeting on Thursday, the congress released a communique jointly signed by NLC President Joe Ajaero and General Secretary Emmanuel Ugboaja. In the statement, the labor body stressed that should the government fail to meet their demands, they would have no alternative but to commence an indefinite strike starting on Wednesday, August 2.

Among the pressing issues that the NLC has highlighted as critical points of contention are the surge in petrol prices, the immediate inauguration of the presidential steering committee, an increase in public school fees, the release of eight-month withheld salaries of university lecturers and workers, and a rise in value-added tax (VAT), among others.

In light of their decision to embark on the planned protest, the NLC directed its committees across all states to commence mobilization efforts. This resolution was aligned with all decisions made by the NLC’s central working committee.

Notably, the NLC expressed disappointment at the federal government’s lack of seriousness in creating frameworks to mitigate the impact of the increased price of premium motor spirit (PMS) or petrol. They criticized the government’s representation in a hastily called meeting, noting its unpreparedness to address the pressing issues at hand.

To ensure that the government heeds the concerns of the people, the NLC called on its affiliates and state councils to immediately mobilize and collaborate with various associations, individuals, and entities already demonstrating on the streets.

The labor union further emphasized the importance of civil society’s involvement in the movement, urging everyone to unite on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, for nationwide protests. Their collective goal is to draw attention to the government’s perceived insensitivity to the hardships faced by the citizens of Nigeria.

The Nigeria Labour Congress is taking a decisive stand against the high cost of living in the country, rallying support from civil society organizations and citizens alike. Their call for a nationwide strike reflects their unwavering commitment to fight for a better future and demand meaningful actions from the federal government.

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