President Tinubu’s Ministerial Nominee List: Elephant Giving Birth to a Rat – Prof. Anthony Kila

Yesterday, July 27, President Tinubu officially submitted the list of ministerial nominees for his cabinet. The decision has sparked intense debate among politicians and the public, with Professor Anthony Kila likening it to an “elephant giving birth to a rat.”

Prof. Anthony Kila, a Jean Monnet Professor of Strategy and Development and the Institute Director General at CIAPS, speaking on Arise TV’s The Morning Show program, stated that the list was similar to an elephant giving birth to a rat. He further stated that he expected President Tinubu, who many referred to as a “Big” politician, to produce a better list of nominees. He, however, added that by the comparison, he is in no way suggesting that the men and women who are on the list are rats.

However, many have raised doubts about the ministerial list. They argue that some of the proposed nominees, apart from the fact that they are recycled politicians, are part of the problems that the Country is struggling to solve. See a tweet reaction from @jibrinSAN below:

Earlier, Femi Gbajabiamila, the Chief of Staff to the President, while presenting the ministerial nominees list to the Senate President, stated that President Tinubu’s decision is based on thorough consideration and an in-depth evaluation of the nominees’ capabilities. The Chief of Staff added that the proposed cabinet will reflect diversity and capability to serve the interests of the people.

Nevertheless, some remain skeptical, seeing political elements on the list as opposed to tested and committed technocrats. They believe that some of the ministerial nominees were chosen due to their political affiliations and a payback for their roles in the recent Presidential elections rather than their qualifications and track records.

Amid the swirling controversies and reactions, the public hopes that the legislature will conduct honest and transparent evaluations of the ministerial nominees before granting their approval. As the leader of the nation, President Tinubu bears the responsibility of forming a cabinet capable of facing challenges and advancing the nation.

Prof. Anthony Kila Expresses Concerns About the Ministerial Nominees

Prof. Anthony Kila, a respected professor of strategy and development, has expressed his concerns about the announced ministerial nominees. In an exclusive interview with Arise TV, on The Morning Show program, Prof. Kila stated, “I acknowledge that there are some intriguing names in the list of ministerial nominees. However, I also see some weaknesses that need further attention.”

He stated that though he is not really bothered whether there are technocrats or not on the list, according to him “everybody is a technocrat in their own right”, He however emphasized that the list of nominees should have come with their ministerial portfolio attached because that way, one can do a proper evaluation and ask the right questions to be able to determine their suitability or otherwise for the assigned role. Asked whether the Senate, should toe the usual “take a bow” route in approving the nominees, Prof. Kila responded in the affirmative, declaring that there is really no question to ask since their portfolio was not forwarded along with the list. So rather than waste our time on unnecessary screening, the Senate should just go ahead and approve the list.

As the debate continues, the public hopes that the final decision on the ministerial nominees will reflect the aspirations of the people and the goals of national development. A thorough evaluation of the nominees must be conducted, and political interests should be set aside for the common good.

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