Tinubu Appeals to Senate for Military Action Against Niger

President Bola Tinubu has officially communicated with the Nigerian Senate, informing them about the proposed military action and other sanctions endorsed by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) against the military officers responsible for the recent coup in the Niger Republic.

The letter, presented on the floor of the Upper Chamber by Senate President Senator Godswill Akpabio, outlined the measures that ECOWAS aims to take in response to the political situation in Niger.

President Tinubu has strongly condemned the coup and emphasized ECOWAS’s commitment to restoring the democratically elected government to reinstate peace in the region.

The key measures proposed by ECOWAS in the letter include:

Closure and Monitoring of Land Borders: Closure and monitoring of all land borders with the Niger Republic and reactivating of the border drilling exercise.

Disruption of Electricity Supply: Cut off Electricity supply to the Niger Republic.

Mobilization of International Support: Mobilizing international support for the implementation of the provisions of the ECOWAS communique.

Restriction on Commercial and Special Flights: All operation of commercial and special flights to and from the Niger Republic will be prevented.

Blockade of Goods: No movement of goods to Niger will be allowed, especially from Lagos and eastern seaports.

Public Sensitization Campaign: ECOWAS will embark on a sensitization campaign, utilizing social media platforms, to inform both Nigerians and Nigeriens about the significance of these actions.

Military Intervention: Should the military junta in Niger continue to show defiance, a military buildup will be initiated, and personnel will be deployed to enforce compliance.

President Tinubu’s letter signifies ECOWAS’s firm stance against the coup in Niger and its commitment to safeguarding democracy and peace in the region.

More details later.

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