Union Bank of Nigeria Honored for Advancing Gender Equality: Wins Dual Accolades at Nigeria2Equal Gender Leader Awards

Union Bank of Nigeria, a leading financial institution, has been lauded for its outstanding commitment to promoting gender equality within its organization. The bank secured two prestigious awards at the highly anticipated Nigeria2Equal Gender Leader Awards, triumphing in the ‘Gender Equality Champion’ and ‘Gender Diversity in Supply Chain’ categories.

The inaugural ceremony, held in the vibrant city of Lagos, was a collaborative effort between the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), and esteemed partners. Its primary purpose was to recognize and celebrate private sector companies and influential business leaders who have exhibited exceptional dedication and initiatives in advancing gender equality.

These esteemed accolades underscore Union Bank’s remarkable progress in fostering gender equity and equality within the workplace, while empowering women from all walks of life. The recognition shines a spotlight on the bank’s unwavering dedication to promoting diversity in corporate environments and cultivating an inclusive culture that values and respects every individual.

Expressing her elation at this remarkable achievement, Olufunmilola Aluko, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer at Union Bank, took the stage on behalf of the bank during the illustrious awards ceremony. In her remarks, she said, ‘At Union Bank, we are resolute in bridging gender gaps, particularly within our organization. We acknowledge the transformative power of collaboration and the positive impact that specific, measurable, and time-bound goals can have on achieving gender parity in Nigeria’s private sector. We remain steadfast in our commitment to intensify our efforts for a more gender-balanced and prosperous future.’

Union Bank’s steadfast dedication to championing women’s rights, as enshrined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls, remains at the forefront of their corporate ethos. As a responsible corporate entity, the bank leads by example, actively encouraging individuals to acknowledge gender inequality and non-inclusion while inspiring them to actively participate in changing the systems that perpetuate such biases.”

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